Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes! All bays accept credit cards (Discover, Visa, Master Card, American Express),  VIP cards (Prepaid Clean Choice cards) or Fleet account cards (Clean Choice Monthly Statement-Post pay accounts), in addition to cash.
  2. Can I get a receipt for a credit card purchase at one of the hand held bays or vacuums?
    Yes! Simply walk to the change machine, swipe your credit card (stripe up) and the machine will automatically print a receipt.
  3. What’s your phone number?
  4. Are you on Facebook?
    Yes, under Clean Choice Car Wash
  5. What’s Your address?                                                                                                                                          2600 Woodgate (next to Starbucks & Qdoba)
  6. What about the impact on the environment
    • Washing your car at Clean Choice uses less water than the “garden hose in the driveway” at your home.
    • All our soaps are biodegradable.
    • Clean Choice has had the affluent going into the city sewer plant tested and it has tested below the requirements for a residence going into the city sewer – that means we pollute less than a single home!
    • Clean Choice recycles the water used to wash the entire parking lot.
    • The key to cleaning your car is the quality and consistency of the soaps that are used.  Clean Choice strives to maintain that quality and consistency.

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